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Jasmine oil is very much appreciated among the floral essential oils, and for a good reason. Its aroma is exclusive by its simple elegance and delicacy. If rose is a queen of flowers, then jasmine is undoubtedly a king. Reffered to as an aphrodisiac, jasmine is collected in the night time, when the scent of its flowers is the most intense. However, this night time harvest is a hard labor. The scent of jasmine can be produced by mixing some of other essential oils, and in this case its price is significantly lower. Jasmine sambac, or Arabian jasmine (jasminum sambac) has an intensive aroma with distinct green-grassy note. This variance of jasmine is often added to Chinese green tea. The grand-flower jasmine, Spanish jasmine (jasminum grandiflorum) is the variance mostly used in perfumery. Its scent is floral, fresh, and luminous, with sweet fruity nuance that grows stronger in oil. More on Madagascar jasmine.

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