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Clementine (Citrus x clementina) is a fruit of a variety of mandarin that is grown around the Mediterranean and in South Africa. It is believed to be a crossing of orange and mandarin. The tree is vigorous but is ideal for those with limited space as it can be maintained as a small bush but still bear many fruit. Clementines are generally more densely foliated than some other varieties with long pointed leaves. its furit is oblate and medium-sized. The exterior is a deep orange color with a smooth, glossy appearance. Clementine separates easily into eight to fourteen extremely juicy segments. They are remarkably easy to peel, like a tangerine, but lack the tangerine's sourness and seeds. The Clementine is not always distinguished from other varieties of mandarin: in German, it is generally referred to as "Mandarine" and in Japanese, mikan. The Clementine is occasionally referred to as Algerian tangerine.

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